Choose an article or lesson from the site. Go over the vocabulary and grammar in the article until you have a good grasp of it. If you are a member of the site, be sure to practice thoroughly with the shadowing app. Now, you are ready to take your lesson.


If you don’t already have an appointment, go ahead and set one up. Try to let me know in advance what lesson or article you will be studying. Connect with me on Skype or Facetime.


First, I will ask you some basic comprehension questions about the article. Then, we will role-play. You will pretend to be a character from the story and I will interview you. Next, I’ll play a character from the story and you practice making questions with me.


Finally, we can discuss the topic of the story or related topics using your newly mastered vocabulary.


?If you prefer, I can offer other materials or texts as a base for our lessons.



Learn Japanese with the Shadowing Technique