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Basics 1: Greetings and Key Phrases




Flashcards for Basics 001

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[start] [q] Write this in Romaji: さよなら
[textentry] [a]sayonara

[q] You say this before a meal.
[a] Itadakimasu

[q] You say this to your host after a meal.
[a] Gochisōsama deshita!

[q] See you! (informal)
[a] Mata ne!

[q] Thank you very much (formal)
[a] Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu.

[q] Good night (formal)
[a] Oyasumi nasai!

[q] Thank you (informal)
[a] Arigatō.

[q] What you say when you are offering something.
[a] Dōzo.

[q] You’re welcome. (formal)
[a] Kochirakoso arigatō gozaimasu. 

[q] Write this in Romaji: いただきます
[textentry] [a] Itadakimasu!

[q] Write this in Romaji: おやすみなさい
[textentry] [a] Oyasuminasai!

[q] You want to thank someone for a small favor. Starts with ‘d’.
[a] Dōmo!

[q] You’re welcome. (informal)
[a] Ie ie. 

[q] Good evening!
[a] Konbanwa!

[q] Good evening!
[a] Konbanwa!

[q] See you! (formal)
[a] Dewa mata!

[q] Thank you! (formal: for something that has already been done)
[a] Arigatō gozaimashita!

[q] Excuse me! (You’re trying to catch a person’s attention.)
[a] Sumimasen! 

[q] Good morning! (formal)
[a] Ohayō gozaimasu! 

[q] Write this in Romaji: ごちそうさまでした
[textentry] [a] Gochisōsama deshita OR Gochisousama deshita!